I Sold My Soul To Pete Wentz

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i follow back almost never, but it doesn't mean i'm not friendly!
i just have little time and prefer to keep up with the little amount of blogs :)
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stop pete wentz from naming children 2k14

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"Everyone’s insecure. That’s just humanity."

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I should not be affected this much by a 35 year old man dying his hair

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Namaste, motherfucker.

DCD2 just should sign Ryan Ross now. well, I mean.. I’m a dreamer probably, i know, but.. IMAGINE. that would be perfect.


I heard that album Too Old to Bowl Too Young to Zzz by Panic! At the Bowling Alley was SUPER catchy!


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"Pete & Patrick + Gabe" in the dressing room.. oh, ok

How does this thing work? (x)

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@thisisryanross: Only gonna get weirder. #goodgreece http://t.co/tZd5GEbcRP/s/Yjg5